Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Britain 2012 - What We Learnt

By David Galton-Fenzi

Lotus Wins again....

For long periods of the race their cars were the fastest on the track, but yet again, it didn’t translate into the results they deserved (need). Grosjean (or as the Speed channel calls him - Ro Gro) was stunning. After pitting on lap 2 to have his nose replaced, he charged back through to finish in 6th place, effectively running the race distance on two sets of tyres. Admittedly, he got a bit lucky to get the slower softs out of the way quickly, but his pace was phenomenal despite nursing his tyres (once again) longer than everyone else. You can’t help but feel the big result is just around the corner, but how many times have we said that already?

Ro Gro aint slow

Maldonado Still Can’t Drive

That is all.

McLaren are Losing the Development Race

Lewis Hamilton said before the weekend that McLaren had fallen behind Red Bull, Ferrari and Lotus in the pace race. After Silverstone you could add Mercedes, Sauber and possibly even Williams to that list too. They arrived with some fresh developments on their car but the lack of dry practice time on Friday to properly evaluate these really hurt. Neverless, they’ve another, more visual, upgrade coming at Hockenheim. Let’s hope it delivers!

Looking for answers - not sure why he’s asking Jenson then!

Even though the weekend was awful, it wasn’t all bad news. They can console themselves with the fact that the Red Bulls didn’t completely run away with the Grand Prix as we feared they might after their prodigious Valencia pace, and they’ve finally sorted out their pit stops! Nothing says ‘progress’ like setting the races fastest tyre changes while being lucky to scrape five points together.

Webber is a Contender!

Hoo rah!

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