Monday, 28 May 2012

Monaco 2012 - What We Learnt

By David Galton-Fenzi

Maldonado has forgotten how to drive...

After emphatically winning in Spain, many were talking up Maldonado’s chances around the Principality, (cough) but he quickly silenced all his believers with a couple bonehead moves in the final practice session. First by swerving into Sergio Perez and then wiping off a couple corners from his car on his very next tour.

Whichever story you want to believe about Maldonado’s swiping story it doesn’t look good. He either threw his car at another driver out of frustration then blatantly lied about it, or he was telling the truth about his cold tyres and he’s proven himself unable to keep the thing pointing in a straight line as if he was a rank amateur, two weeks after displaying immaculate car control to win fantastically in Spain. The fact is Maldonado has form in this area before, taking a swipe at Lewis in Spa last year. The truth is out there, and I dare say the telemetry revealed it when the stewards decided on his 10 place penalty. I just wonder how many more times he is going to weaponize his car before they take a harder line?


China train good. Monaco train bad.

With the top 6 covered by 5 seconds and a light rain falling across the track, the ending of the race should have been a thriller. As it was, it promised it all and delivered nothing. Webber drove a perfect race, only going as fast as he ever needed to and kept Rosberg’s apparently faster car (according to Rosberg) behind, but to say they were all running nose to tail and nobody could pass at all (or even attempt it) was a fairly lacklustre end to a very illustrious race.

Follow the leader

The more things change...

We got our sixth different winner for 2012 setting a new record in the history of the World Championship. The unpredictability rolls on.
McLaren’s race strategy kept Button behind a Caterham all day long and managed to move Lewis backwards. They’ll get it right one day...won’t they?
A year after knocking himself out in qualifying, Sergio Perez suffered a very bizarre crash indeed in Q1 that left him stranded at the back of the grid. At least he stayed conscious this time but I'm not too sure Monaco actually likes him too much.
Shueys pole lap was a brilliant display of precise, committed driving. A bit of a flash back and proves the old man still has it, at least sporadically.
Alonso keeps delivering. No more talk about how rubbish that Ferrari is, Alonso is racking up the points more regularly than Charlie Sheen’s dealer.

Kobayashi can fly

Ah who am i kidding, we already knew that!

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